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Doomsday April 30th 2014

The whole existence as you know it is about to change. It will all make sense next Monday.

It changes everything.
It changes everything.

Remember. Next Monday. 5 days to go.

Biggest News in Ten Years February 28th 2014

You may have been wondering what is going on.

As those of you who've been paying attention know, Crimsonland got through that blimey Steam Greenlight process quite some time ago. Yet no word on the Official Site. What on Earth could be going on?

Well I'm glad you asked. To clarify things, here's what's going on. This should clear up everything once and for all:

Awesome, right? This is actually happening. Stay tuned.

Good Old Crimsonland March 15th 2013

We've been pleasantly surprised about the amount of up votes and comments we've gotten for Crimsonland Steam Greenlight campaign. We've already gotten over 400 comments and over 7k up votes. So huge thanks to everyone for voting.

Unfortunately though getting games through Steam Greenlight is proving to be very difficult. Actually even mr. Valve has acknowledged the problem. I bet it's Crimsonland he's talking about there.

Anyways. We're kinda looking for excuses to do a quick little revamp for Crimsonland. There are few things like mouse movement that are a bit glitchy on modern Windows versions. It might also be possible to make some of the graphics look sharper and support modern wide screen resolutions better. Who would have thought that 1024x768 wasn't actually enough for everybody?

I am getting somewhere with this. If the game would have been Steam greenlit we would have gladly done that stuff as it would have meant getting some compensation for the semi-huge amount of work required. So meanwhile waiting for Steam to fix it's problems, we're moving our cross-sight to another almost as popular service, Good Old Games, aka. GoG.

Good Old Crimsonland!
See what I did there?

Doing the revamp would mean we'd update the whole good old codebase to our new multiplatform tech. It's definitely some work, but it'd mean that the game could also be extremely easily ported to Mac and Linux. Or even Flash. And a dozen of other platforms. Not sure how much work would be required to make the game really playable on touch screens (with virtual dual sticks, *yuch*), but that might be something to consider as well.

Finally, to convince you guys to vote, I've made a quick table comparing Crimsonland to another hit game Skyrim:

Feature Crimsonland Skyrim
Aliens Yes No
Ion Cannon Yes No
Shotguns Yes No
Edible giant toes No Yes
Blowtorch Yes No

Looking at the table you can clearly see that Crimsonland has far more superior feature set. Nuf' said.

Now please vote here?

Help Crimsonland go full Steam ahead! August 31st 2012

As many of you probably know, the excellent game distribution service Steam just opened new Greenlight service yesterday. The way it works is that the community gets to vote which games they want to have on Steam. You can probably guess where this is heading...

It would be awesome to get Crimsonland in Steam games library. It would be so awesome, in fact, that if we can get enough votes we are willing to add in some extra special content for that Steam version. The extra stuff is listed on the Crimsonland Greenlight page as well.

Vote now, we like.
Thank you in advance.

If possible, we'd be also happy to provide everyone who has purchased the game (EVER) a free copy of the game on Steam. This depends on a bunch of practical things we simply don't know about yet. So, please go ahead and give your vote! It doesn't cost anything!

Next step, Crimsonland 2.

Hot social media announcement November 5th 2011

If you've been around the official Crimsonland Forums lately you might have noticed it has been filled with all sorts of spam and whatnot. While I'm sure everyone likes free poker chips, I kinda feel it's not what the forum is was about. The simple fact is that spammers have gotten too clever for the forum software we're using, and deleting hundreds of bad posts by hand over and over again seems just silly.

Anyway, the forums have now been cleaned up for good. They're still there, mind you, but everything is read-only. Only forum admins can make new posts.

So, with the forums practically gone, where should we move the conversations to? We need something very very spam proof. But what?

Sorry twitter
Maybe next time, birdie.

Starting yesterday, we're moving Crimsonland related discussions to the Official Crimsonland Facebook Page and see how it works out.

See, Crimsonland's staying on the bleeding edge with the social media stuff. I've heard it's very hot right now.

Hopefully we'll also be able to better listen to your comments and even answer your questions there. And obviously tell you about any new turns of events whatever (and whenever) they might be. There'll still be posts on this website as well, though.

Those of you who are disgusted of using Facebook and have a great alternative in mind, please let us know about it using Facebook. Or email.

So that's that. I'm carefully avoiding saying anything specific about the Crimsonland sequel at this time of the year. The winter is coming and it makes you say crazy things.

End of an Era June 30th 2010

There are two things I want to talk about.

Our service provider Reflexive is ending its affiliate program and we're not able to provide you the games we offered before at this site. So please be sure to install and activate your purchases prior to July 31st, 2010. Use this link to do so. Also because the games won't be available anymore, you'll notice that the contents of this site have been altered to reflect the change. All references to games no longer available have been removed from the main pages.

So where does this leave us with Crimsonland? It used to be one of those games. We're not going to abandon the game, so we're replacing the old Reflexive version with brand new Crimsonland version 1.9.93 powered by a new service provider. The game comes in two versions: the trial version and the shiny full version. If you still haven't got the game, now is the best chance ever to buy the game for lowest price ever -- just $8.99!

Get the FREE trial version to try before you buy.

As for Crimsonland 2, we're deliberately being quiet about the project. We're still working on other projects, but haven't given up hope on the sequel. Thank you for everyone sending us encouraging emails.

Marchy Update March 6th 2009

As some of you may already have noticed, Crimsonland got another update (v 1.9.92) last week. New features since 1.9.90 include one new perk and a fire bullets powerup tweak. The powerup now returns to its former glory -- and beyond (*).

So simply go ahead and download the new version if you already own the game. And if you don't, the price is still only $9.99. Don't lose the great chance to get it while our digital stocks last!

People have been curious about Belowscape lately. The rumor has it that it's somehow linked with Crimsonland. We're currently investigating it.

Stay tuned!

(*) It's now way better with Rocket Launcher.

Half the price! February 4th 2009

This just in: Crimsonland is now available for reduced price of mere $9.99! It's an outstanding chance to get the full awesomeness for half the price. UPDATE: the price is now even less!

What is this?!
I have no idea what this means.

Stay tuned for more news! Just don't hold your breath.

Xenotracker December 23rd 2008

It has been a while since 10tons has released a new game, and it will still take some time before Crimsonland 2 is ready to meet the world. However, we've still managed to crank out one tiny new game in the midst of all the business. It's a game for iPhone, and it's called Xenotracker.

Track the Xenos.
They are getting nearer.

You can download Xenotracker for iPhone from App Store for mere $0.99! For more information, visit

Oh yeah, like I'd have to explicitly mention it, have an insanely merry xmas!

Coming of Age November 20th 2008

The original Crimsonland is over five years old now. Can you believe it? That's over two million minutes! That's as old as World of Warcraft! What's even more amazing to me is that we still keep getting regularly emails from people who've just discovered the game and obviously like it enough to tell us about it. The game is still definitely more popular than I could have ever imagined. It's hard to describe how great that feels being a small indie game developer. So Thank you.

Aanyway, all mushiness aside, and obviously to celebrate the occasion, we do have something for you. What I'm talking about is a new version, an upgrade to the original Crimsonland. I mean Blizzard just released Lich King upgrade, we've got keep up with those guys!

It's no secret that the version 1.9.8 still had a few minor bugs here and there. Nothing really nasty, but some features combined could simply break the game play in unexpected ways. For example picking the perk Angry Reloader and having Pulse Gun would shoot a constant stream of fire balls all around as Pulse Gun has no reload time. Not much of a challenge left there. DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME. So that's one of the things fixed in the new version 1.9.9.

Bad keyboard, bad!
The bugs are this keyboard's fault. Bad keyboard, bad!

However, there's still (at least!) one especially strange bug living in the new version too. It's very simple to reproduce: Disable all sounds and you won't get any Fire Bullet powerups. You can clearly see that our friends Cause and Effect occasionally enjoy a small break from their daily routines. I'm not saying the source code of Crimsonland 1 is that pretty, but when the sound engine code is in a separate module with supposedly no shared memory space with the game part, how can this happen? In any case, it's pretty harmless and you can easily get around it, so I guess we can peacefully co-exist with the emerging machine intelligence that'd rather have no bullets than silent bullets. It clearly likes big boom. The glitch seems to be somehow connected to the Skynet module which has been acting really strange lately, but I don't think it's anything we should be concerned about.

Ok. Getting down to the good part. It wouldn't be a Crimsonland update if it didn't contain at least some new features. Two most notable additions are probably the three new Perks, and better support for XBOX360's excellent game pads. So those who're still with me in this needlessly long stream of words, please head down at the downloads section and give the new version a try. Thanks!

Keeping Busy August 17th 2008

There's some exciting stuff going on at the moment. MythPeople is about to wrap up its next casual game called Miriel the Magical Merchant. It's now in final stages of testing, and should be available for download within two weeks. We've actually gotten some really good feedback from hardcore gamers who've been pretty much forced to playtest the game. They're usually a bit reluctant to try it out, but after they get past the level 4, it's not unusual we have to cram the mouse out of their aggressive and sweaty fists. Sure enough MythPeople games are meant for everybody, but still we're greatly surprised to see this effect in hc gamers.

We have also been getting quite a few emails about CL2 development lately. Some of the emails have been supportive, and some less so. I can understand some of you guys are frustrated about the slowness of the CL2 development. You can probably also imagine how frustrated we are for not being able to deliver it right now. We are still working on it, and we will finish and release it. However, what we will not do is release it before it is ready. And it is not ready yet.

In the mean time, I can point you at some awesome games other indie game developers have produced.

(UPDATE: There used to be a table full of extraordinarily amazing games but I guess they got flushed downstream the river.)

For more games, please enter 10tons Arcade.

Deferred Radiation Retaliation May 25th 2008

It's getting warmer here in Finland. I'm not talking about the global warming (aka. the pale horse), but simply the next episode in seasons. The summer is coming. It's still the time when it's almost bearable inside in my AC'less apartment, but within a month the rage of the Sun will turn this humble box into an oven. Hopefully that means I have to spend more time at the office, which in turn means that Crimsonland 2 will get finished sooner. So the next time you play CL2, be sure to thank the Sun.

Talking about things that are hot: RakeInGrass, the developer of Jets'n'Guns GOLD recently contacted me with exciting news. They have released a new game called Larva Mortus. I recommend you go and check it out if you like survival horror shooters with RPG elements.

Anyway, here's another close-up screenshot snapped from the current Crimsonland 2 build. It shows a new critter type - a sort of a thing you'd expect to meet at the bottom of the ocean.

Tubular Critters
One down, seven to go. They're very hard to hit.

And as usual, here's the cream of the crops of the latest game releases:

(UPDATE: There used to be a table full of extraordinarily amazing games but I guess they got flushed downstream the river.)

For more games, please head down to 10tons Arcade.

Crimsonland: Mobile Massacre! March 22nd 2008

It's finally here: guys at HeroCraft have released the English version of the cell phone Crimsonland game. You can download the game from its official site. The game features two game modes (Quest and Survival), over 40 blood-thirsty monsters, lots of perks, and best of all: worldwide high score lists. Be sure to check out the Survival mode with the autofire option enabled - my personal favorite.

As much fun the portable version of the Game can be, that is definitely not the final establishment of Crimsonland. Last time I was hoping to show you some screen captures of current version of Crimsonland 2 level editor. My hopes materialize in this tall two-in-one screenshot:

The Maker of Levels
Ever wondered what's it like outside the borders of existence? It's green.

You can see the editor is pretty simple. It's used to lay out the level basics (obstacles, enemies, etc). If you want to add some more complex scripting, currently you'll just have to write some Lua code. Overall, scripts can be used to change the level goals, entity AI, weapons, perks, game UI, and that sorts of stuff.

Anyway, I do have a couple of extra games for you this time as well:

(UPDATE: There used to be a table full of extraordinarily amazing games but I guess they got flushed downstream the river.)

For more games, head down to new, fresh, and shiny 10tons Arcade. Also feel free send us comments and improvement ideas about the new site.

Crimsonland gets wings January 27th 2008

I previously mentioned that there will be some exciting news concerning Crimsonland. The source of the excitiness is that you will be soon able to play Crimsonland pretty much anywhere you want, except maybe on airplanes and hospitals.

That's right, a more mobile version of Crimsonland will soon arrive in cell phones near you. Here's something I dug up on YouTube:

Stay tuned for more information.

So call it whatever you like - mobile Crimsonland, Crimsonland for cell phones, or Crimsonland Mobile Massacre - it is coming. Be sure to check it out when it's released. Don't worry, lets you know when the big day comes.

And just so that you wouldn't leave empty handed, here's some free fun stuff to play (*):

(UPDATE: There used to be a table full of extraordinarily amazing games but I guess they got flushed downstream the river.)

(*) ok it's free fun for an hour or so.

Hopefully next month I'll show you a bit how Crimsonland 2 levels are made. Sort of a developer thing.

Best games of 2005-2007 recap 2005-2007

Somewhere along the line we started linking here games made by fellow game developers. All downloads on this site go through Reflexive with our affiliate ID, so we do get a share of each game downloaded and purchased. The newly linked games received surprisingly good feedback - people have liked the games (based on emails and sales) - and we've gotten a few extra bucks for our own game development. Not to forget the other developers who've also gotten something for their hard work. Nor the gamers who've most likely had some great fun playing the games.

So anyway, as I archived the old news of 2005-2007, I decided to compile a list of the most popular games available on this site. The list is based on number of downloads, sales, and especially conversion ratios (i.e. how many % of people who downloaded a game bought it). Here's the list:

(UPDATE: There used to be a table full of extraordinarily amazing images but they were removed. You can still see the top10 list though.)

1. Master of Defence light strategy game.
2. Build-a-lot great light strategy simulation.
3. Jets'n'Guns Gold side-scrolling shooter.
4. Mexican Motor Mafia racing action adventure.
5. Virtual Villagers 2 and also Virtual Villagers people simulation.
6. FastCrawl light RPG.
7. Sparkle action puzzle.
8. Evil Invasion action rpg.
9. Oasis light fast paced strategy game.
10. R.I.P 3: The Last Hero action shooter.

Have fun checking out those titles!

Looking for the old news of 2005-2007? Click here.

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