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The last update 29. December 2007

..of the year 2007. I have been getting a lot of emails about Crimsonland 2 lately. Basically the message and content in each email is the same. It's almost the end of 2007 and there is still no sign of the Sequel. It has been ages (almost 5 months!) since the previous post on this site. What's this all about? Have we cancelled the whole project without letting you guys know about it?

The answer is no - we are still working hard on the game. Sadly - for the Sequel - we have also been working hard on other projects to pay the bills, so Crimsonland 2 hasn't progressed as fast as we would have hoped. However, we can pretty much confirm that the game will see daylight in 2008. We also have one biggish Crimsonland related announcement coming in January 2008. And that's only a few days away!

The centipede gets a cut.

I know this doesn't make it up for all the "delay" with the Sequel, but I've got two almost insanely playable games for you this late afternoon:

Build-a-lot. Surprisingly one of the best games of 2007 in my opinion. It has a few irritating features and pretty much completely unfun secondary "casual" game mode, but I really enjoyed the main game mode.
Darkside. Shatter asteroids around a planet. It's a bit like Super Stardust HD by Housemarque.

Have an exquisite year 2008!

Houston, forget about that other thing 30. July 2007

..because ours is bigger. You might recall me mentioning the fullth of uncoffeeness that filled our offices a while back. Well, we got through those hard times, and finally were able to convince our Chief Financial Officer to slice a nice amount of our outrageously large budget for coffee supplies. But does that stop time? No! Let me elaborate on that one...

You see, contrary to common belief, milk isn't immortal. I know this because I've tasted its mortality. There's nothing we can do about it though, as it is sacred. It is the way cows wanted it to happen. When a milk carton gets bought and opened, it starts a journey. Sometimes that journey includes an office-wide summer vacation, sometimes not. This time, it in fact did.

The freezer that failed us.

Don't worry; I'm not going to spill all the dirty details on you, dear visitor. However, I can tell you that while our fancy XBOX360 freezer can delay the ultimate death of milk for a while, I think only Optimus Prime and Bill Gates could stop the time altogether. For some reason, they didn't. (Dear Bill, if you're reading this, please buy zillion copies of Crimsonland. And stop the time for our future milks. But first buy zillion Crimsonlands.)

So aaanyway, to compensate for that awful awful story, I'm thinking of offering you handsome and clever web adventurers FOUR massively entertaining new games:

KungFu Master.
Ok so the name's cheesy, but the game works on you like a little ninja. It bears resemblance to Evil Invasion and some other game I can't quite recall.

"FastCrawl is a quick and highly replayable fantasy role playing game that's just perfect to play during your coffee break!", they say. I'm not sure how long a standard coffee break is around the world, but here at 10tons if we'd saw people playing through this crawl each day, there'd be no more coffee for those lazy crawlers. Uuh about the game itself, it's great.

If you try this one out, be sure to pick other difficulty than the easiest. It took forever to get challenging.

Dark Legions.
This one's actually pretty entertaining. You can't help comparing it to Warcraft 3, though.

So there you have it. I'm suddenly feeling an urge to post some real news about Crimsonland 2, but I think it's just that milk talking so I resist it. However, I promise to give you some exciting Crimsonland related news next time. Honestly. I already know what it is.

The Sky is Falling! 7. May 2007

Stop the press! We are officially out of coffee!

The thing is, that when we moved to our new and relatively shiny offices, we bought truckloads of coffee. And now all of that sweet brown gold is gone. Thrown down the thirsty throats of hard working and swell game developers. Things are so bad that I'm already looking curiously at some weird liquid Sampo was drinking the other day. Apparently it's something called "tea" but I have no idea what that is or what to think of it.

Should I dare to taste that what's probably a Klingonian drink, should I boldly cross the final frontier?

Leaving the question lingering around, I humbly offer you YET ANOTHER two games to kill time with:

Virtual Villagers 2.
You'd just wish they'd go extinct, but noooo, they're back with a sequel. Pesky little fellows.

Jets 'n' Guns GOLD.
Just prepare to meet more of those incredibly frustrating giant bugs. (I hope they've let them go for this "sequel".)

Since you seem to be really into trying and even buying these games, I've also expanded the downloads page of this site to contain the games I've plugged here so far. Please enjoy it -- and please let us have our coffee!! (For each game you buy, we'll get at least months worth of coffee.)

BTW. This is cool: they'll finally share us a bit more information about Fallout 3. You'll just have to wait 28 days.

It's icky! 28. February 2007

"What is it?", you may ask and vomit furiously over your keyboard. Our artist (among other things) Sampo showed me this a while ago, and my life hasn't been the same since. Now that I've finally started the slow and painful healing process, I feel my obligation is to report this to you, random web surfing people.

It's gorgeous!

It's one of the strangest critters roaming wild on Crimsonland 2. You can notice the fine craftsmanship on the hair and the externalized bowels. You can think of it as a cute little bunny turned inside out. It's still very warm and fuzzy inside. It's not all about the looks, you know.

Oh and wait, I've got TWO new games for you. The lucky winners are..

Oasis. It's ingeniously fast-paced strategy game.
Sparkle. It's fantastic, really :) However, you need to get to the higher difficulty levels (or obtain Amulet of Risk) to get it really going in terms of difficulty and challangeness.

Try them, love them (*), and buy them -- and support an indie developer in a cold far away country (aka. Finland).

(* Do not feel obligated to actually show your love towards the game. )

Guns for Friday! 26. January 2007

For once, I'm proud to let you know that Crimsonland2 is progressing nicely. No sign of release date, though, but we do have lots of guns. Here's some of them.

You see, our goal in Crimsonland is to make YOUR killing of EVIL things as smooth and EASY as possible. We're trying to supply you with better and better weapons with immersive destructive capabilities.

If we'd ever get to CLEANSE Crimsonland from ALL critters, we could start the longly awaited Rehabilitation Process. However, the problem lies in the persistent nature of these creatures, the current inhabitants of this land.

I ALSO want to let you know that I went through the Internet for you, dear web surfer, and dug up the most appealing or STRANGE games I could find this time.

R.I.P 3: The Last Hero. This series keeps getting better and better by the game. I wonder if they're ever going to draw death animations for the monsters.
Mexican Motor Mafia. It's like Crimsonland, but on WHEELS. Well not really, it hasn't got much to do with CL, but it DOES have wheels and GUNS. Honestly.
Tank-o-Box. Have you EVER had this much fun with a tank inside a box? I think not!
Star Defender 3. Look, it's yet another non-scrolling shooter! This one's strangely addicting though.

We do get some $$$ out of each game purchased through those links so at least try the games. They'll do good for you *.

(* No actual goodness guaranteed).

Update Friday 22. September 2006

I posted some screenshots of a small internal tech demo of Crimsonland 2 a couple of months ago at the forums in this thread. The game design has changed quite a bit after that, but feel free to comment on that if you like.

I guess I could state here the same thing I always seem to write about Crimsonland 2 development. Well, the same, but with a twist. We're currently living yet another stall period, but things will hopefull get better before Christmas as we'll get a couple of other projects finished.

To pass time, here's another FOUR games this time: (note Gish!)

  • Gish. Probably one of the best new platformers out there. Personally I bought it the very day it was released..
  • Devastation Zone Troopers. It's exactly what you'd figure out of that name :) Plenty of action, and it gets better after the very start.
  • Aveyond. Fantasy RPG. I didn't really get so interested about it, but some people seem to be liking it so..
  • Virtual Villagers. My tribe always just dies, I wonder what I'm doing wrong. I'm not sure what's the ultimate goal in this game.

New Forums 19. May 2006

Old Crimsonland forums seem to have gotten dirty in more ways than one, so we've opened brand new forums for Crimsonland and the upcoming sequel.

Crimsonland 2 is getting done, although a couple of strange bugs have been slowing down the progress. I bet many developers know what I'm talking about. Those bizarre bugs that at first seem just impossible, but after the obvious blame-it-on-the-compiler phase you'll end up realizing it was all either just a very simple overflow issue, a typo you just couldn't notice, or whatever. Still, those are things you can't really prepare for.

Let's continue the tradition of Three List-worthy Games:

Laying it out 26. February 2006

Ok, so I guess it's time to lay out some more basic information on Crimsonland 2.

First of all, the whole game has been completely rewritten, meaning there isn't a single same line of code with the original game. The main goal has been to keep the playability of the first game, but to extend it with proper multiplayer game over the net. Another goal has been to make it easy to modify and add new stuff. So those of you who have the interest, are quite easily able to modify the game UI or add new weapons, perks and/or quests (whatever those end up being). There's still a lot of work to do, but at least we're finally able to work on the game almost full-time.

While waiting for Crimsonland 2 (I hope some of you are waiting) here are three more games for you to check out:

Have a Merry One 21. December 2005

We're talking about the Holidays of course.

Regarding to Crimsonland (or 2), I guess I don't have much more to tell you at the moment. Things are moving forward, but not at full steam yet.

Anyway the point for this update is that it seems some people are liking Evil Invasion I linked in the previous post. I have no idea why they're telling me that, but, encouraged, I've decided to hint you a few more games a bit similar to Crimsonland. Or games that Crimsonland is similar to. Whatever. Anyway hopefully you'll have something to play during the Holidays. Here goes:

Oh yeah, and in case you're wondering, we do get something out of each game purchased from Reflexive Arcade using the links above, so if you like those games, consider this a chance to support the development of Crimsonland 2 ;-)

Happy Holidays!

Long Time No Update 6. December 2005

It's been a while since an update.

So what about Crimsonland 2? I don't want to build up any expectations -- or pressure on our side :) -- but we've pretty much got the basic game engine up and running. We just don't know what to do with it exactly. I think the original Crimsonland was at best fun to play. We've got to decide how much of that simplicity and arcadeness we want to sacrifice for adding more depth. I'd estimate you'll have something to play next year. Oh and yeah, you can play it online or over LAN too.

Anyway, I also wanted to mention a game that has some common elements with Crimsonland. Download Evil Invasion and check it out.

And hey please go ahead and support us by actually BUYING Crimsonland if you've already haven't!

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