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Shiny new version 9. September 2003

Today's the day; bigger update bearing version number 1.9.8 has been finally released. You were starting to think whether it'd ever come out, huh? Well, there were some delays I couldn't do anything about, but anyway, hopefully it was worth the wait.

In short, what you're facing here is 10 new levels, 6 new perks and 3 new weapons. For free of course. If you've bought the game. Uh.

And there's the mod support. You can get the SDK here. The asteroids game I talked about before is also included -- with full sources. Hopefully some of you find these things useful and fun. Maybe someone even wants to continue developing the game further. =)

Now go and get The New Version if you already haven't!

Feedback is always welcome, so go ahead and speak it up at Crimsonland forum.

Higher scores and asteroids 30. June 2003

Over enthuastic anti-cheating system has finally been adjusted to a little bit more conservative. It's also now more configurable, so if there should be more issues with it, I can just adjust the system on the server side without the need to update the executable itself. The new version has btw a built-in update check system that you can use to check if there's new version of the game available. There's also some minor fixes and tweaks included.

The bigger update with some New Stuff still looms ahead. On another note, mod SDK is also coming along. I coded a small asteroid-like game over the weekend to test out Crimsonland mod interface. The mod SDK isn't probably what you'd expect from one, but it enables you to make your own small games that can make some use of Crimsonland's graphics and sound engine. You don't get to just make small adjustments to the main game itself.

Anyway, here are some screenshot of the upcoming CrimsonRoks, an asteroid kinda game. I plan to release the game with sources in the near future as an example Crimsonland mod.

Let 'em have it They will rock your world

New version 9. June 2003

This is for all you people who enjoy spoiling the game for the others. Yeah, I'm talking about cheating on the Internet high scores lists. I'd really like spend my time more productively rather that trying to figure out what to do with you guys. This update contains some code trying to prevent high score cheating. The high score lists are reset to give it a fresh start.

However the patch isn't just all about that. The control config supports now game pads and joysticks more extensively. Numerous small things have also been fixed and tweaked within the game. There's also a Music Add-On Pack now available adding three new smashing ingame tunes for the game.

Anyway, go ahead and test it yourself: grab the new version and the Music Add-On Pack here.

Another update 21. May 2003

Crimsonland got updated with some new features (such as Tutorial and mouse sensitivity adjustments) and bug fixes and tweaks. Survival and Quest score lists had to be reseted because of a bug that allowed "cheating" with some perks. Once again sorry for the inconvenience. Grab the new version here.

Crimsonland updated 7. May 2003

The first update file for the game has just been released. The patch fixes few bugs and works on some issues with game getting "too easy" when you're having scores over a million or so. The update also enables you to add your own ogg formatted music tunes to play during the game (see the .txt file in music/ directory). One new bonus pickable is introduced too.

Obviously the new version uses different high score lists than the version before. The old lists are still working inside the old game version, but only the new version scores are shown on this web site.

The updated Crimsonland can be downloadad either as a full new version installer or as a smaller update installer. The older version of the game is no longer available. See the downloads section.

Talking about it 27. April 2003

This is for all you IRCers out there: a Crimsonland related IRC channel has been found at #crimsonland.

Crimsonland forums haven't dissappeared anywhere either, just go ahead and aim your browser at Crimsonland forum at Reflexive to read and discuss about the game.

New Crimsonland is released! 22. April 2003


A Pure Action Game That Blends All of the Fun of Classic Shooters With Modern Technology

Lake Forest, CA - April 22, 2003 - Reflexive Entertainment, Inc. today announced the release of Crimsonland, an action packed PC game developed by the Finnish company 10tons Entertainment. This top-down shooter has all the characteristics of classic shooter games with the hardware-accelerated graphics of today.

"When we first played the shareware version of Crimsonland, we immediately saw the potential of the game. It was insanely fun even though it had minimal goals and tasks for the player to accomplish." said Producer Zach Young of Reflexive Entertainment. "In the version released today, 10tons has pulled in really cool level progression, added the online scoring system and refined the Game Play Modes. The game is more impressive and addicting than ever."

Crimsonland features three different Game Play Modes as well as a secret mode that can be unlocked when the Quest Game Mode is completed. In Quest Mode, players can level up by eliminating a set number of monsters, with each new level introducing new weapons, perks, and powerups. Players will need to keep on their toes, as each new level will spawn more challenging, and an increasing number of enemies. Rush Mode is a fairly simple concept, fend off the hordes of monsters and survive as long as you possibly can. Survival mode is a mixture of both the Quest and Rush Modes, as you kill monsters you gain experience points that will allow you to obtain perks which help you stay alive and get as much experience as you can.

You can download the game here and talk about it at Crimsonland forum at Reflexive.

Crimsonland will return 16. December 2002

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It’s Destroy or Be Destroyed in this Addictive New Action Survival Shooter
From Reflexive Entertainment and 10tons Entertainment


Lake Forest, CA – December 16, 2002 – Reflexive Entertainment, Inc., developer of such popular PC games as Ricochet Xtreme, Star Trek – Away Team, and Zax – The Alien Hunter, today announced plans to publish Crimsonland, an action survival shooter developed by Finnish based 10tons Entertainment.   The game will be released in the first half of 2003.


Crimsonland is a pulse pounding gaming experience where survival is your only goal. Players are challenged to fight off the unending horde of deadly monsters using a variety of weapons, Powerups and Perks. The classic top-down action is enhanced by hardware accelerated graphics and effects.


"We saw an early version of Crimsonland and were immediately hooked by the old-school shooting action," said Zachary Young, Producer on Crimsonland. "10tons has definitely created a game with great potential, and we felt that with our experience we’d be able to really help polish the game and make it available to more gamers.”


As battle wages on against the never-ending horde, players are rewarded with new weapons and features. Crimsonland features an arsenal of over 40 perks and some 15+ weapons including machine guns, rocket launchers, flame-throwers and plasma guns. The game also has 3 exciting modes: Quest, Rush and Survival. In Quest mode, players can level up by overcoming a set number of monsters, with each new level introducing new weapons, perks, and powerups. Players will need to keep on their toes, as each new level will spawn more challenging, and an increasing number of enemies.


Rush mode is a fairly simple (highly addicting) concept: fight off the hordes of monsters and survive as long as you possibly can!


Survival mode is a mixture of both the Quest and Rush Modes, as you eliminate monsters you gain experience points that will allow you to obtain perks. The longer you manage to stay alive, the more experience you get.


Crimsonland will also include Reflexive’s proprietary purchasing system, which was unveiled in the company’s highly successful brick-busting title Ricochet. The system allows for instantaneous purchase without ever leaving the game, and without the hassle of entering registration codes or keys.  Reflexive’s purchasing system makes the entire experience simple, from download to trial period to purchase.


"We at Reflexive really appreciate the simplicity and addictiveness that is found in Crimsonland," said Lars Brubaker, CEO of Reflexive Entertainment, Inc. "We love making games that are easy to learn and that provide an outlet for people who are simply looking to get lost in a game for a while.  Crimsonland is just that kind of game."


About Reflexive Entertainment, Inc.


Based in Lake Forest, California, Reflexive Entertainment, Inc. was founded in 1997.   Responsible for self-released original titles such as Swarm and the recently released Ricochet Xtreme, Reflexive has is currently developing Lionheart, in conjunction with Black Isle Studios.  Previous Reflexive titles include Star Trek: Away Team, Zax - The Alien Hunter and Swarm. For more information, please visit

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