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Support 30. June 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I purchased the game from before June 30th, 2010 and I've lost my game installer. Can I redownload the game somewhere?

A: You can use this link to download your game if you bought the game before July 2010. However, note that the download was hosted by our old service provider, and we can't guarantee that the link will work indefinitely. It is promised to work only until July 31st, 2010.

UPDATE: Sadly, it seems that the Reflexive servers went down in November, 2010. If you have purchased the game from Reflexive in the past, but are not able to install it, please send your receipt of purchase to support [at] and we'll figure out how to get you a working version of Crimsonland. If you don't get a reply within two weeks, please resend your email.

Q: The new full version of the game doesn't accept my license/serial key. What's wrong?

A: The new full version uses Plimus to handle the licenses, so it will only accept the license keys sent by Plimus at the time of your purchase. If you purchased the game in or after July, 2010, your license key should work.

Q: I'm having problems with purchasing the game. What should I do?

A: See the Plimus FAQ here. For more related questions contact Plimus customer support.

If your problems persist, contact us at support [at]

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